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The ReSAKSS Data Challenge aims to provide reliable data and numerous knowledge products on the ReSAKSS platform and encourage their use by actors in academia, business, policy, media, arts and the civil society at large. More specifically, the ReSAKSS Data Challenge seeks to:

Introduce the ReSAKSS platform and its associated tools to African audiences: students, researchers, analysts, media specialists, artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in African in social and economic development in Africa and related data and knowledge products;

Raise awareness on the availability of reliable data provided by AKADEMIYA2063 through the ReSAKSS, eAtlas, and AAgWa websites.

Encourage participants in the challenge to fully explore the range of data and indicators on the ReSAKSS platforms;

Stimulate innovative use of data on African economies to create knowledge, tools, and artistic products and services that will contribute to efforts to address matters of strategic importance to African society.